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First Artsonia Uploads Of The School Year

It is always a milestone in the art room when the students add art to their Artsonia gallery for the first time in a new grade. Last week all of my students uploaded cropped images of the design from the cover of their portfolios that they had completed within the first weeks of school.

Alison C

As a formative assessment of some of the elements of art and principles of design as well as the use of a ruler, students traced their hands and filled them with line pattern. They then divided the background into segments, added color with colored pencil and outlined everything with silver Sharpie. I learned a lot about my students’ abilities with this project and they ended up with some nice, colorful artwork to upload to Artsonia.

Lauren H


Parents/Guardians – if you need help establishing your child’s Artsonia account, please email me – I’ll be happy to help you out. Here is some more colorful art work. To see the rest of them, visit: Patterns & Hands

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