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Art In The Valley

I’m so proud to announce that fifteen students in grades five and six will have artwork on display in the Art in the Valley art show this weekend. The show is being held at the Elmwood School in Millbury. The opening is Friday night (4/10) from 6:00 – 8:00 and the work can be viewed on Saturday (4/11) from 10:00 – 12:00. Here are the students and their art:

Top row (l to r): Chloe Terrell, Sophia Piekarski, Jessica McNamara, Cameran Leary, Elizabeth-Star Peterson

Middle row (l to r): Ryan Chase, Nathan Jokela, Ryan Fior, Grace Hughes, Grace McGuire

Front row (l to r): Arin Demerjian, Ryan O’Connell, Kaylee Lukasek, Casey McGowan

And here is a look at the artwork up close:

3D Printed Unicorn by Chloe Terrell
3D Printed Penguin by Jessica McNamara
3D printed cat by Lorenzo Cassano
3D printed Panda by Sophia Piekarski
Watercolor Pencil Family Portrait by Arin Demerjian
Watercolor Pencil Family Portrait by Casey McGowan
Charcoal Self-Portrait by Ryan O’Connell
Charcoal Self Portrait by Kaylee Lukasek
Ceramic Bull by Ryan Fior
Ceramic Dog by Elizabeth-Star Peterson
Ceramic Fish by Cameran Leary
Scratchboard Dog by Grace McGuire
Scratchboard Lion by Ryan Chase
Colored Pencil Self Portrait by Grace Hughes
Colored Pencil Self Portrait by Nathan Jokela

Please congratulate these students when you see them. Stop by the show if you have a chance!

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