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It Is Alive! Our 3D Printer Comes To Life!

Yesterday was a banner day in the lives of the Miscoe MakerCrew! It was our first “make” with the new 3D printer! In just two after-school meetings, we have figured out how to prepare a design for 3D printing and create it! We downloaded a “thing” from Thingiverse, played with the software a little bit, figured out how to thread the filament into the printer, and we were off and running…er, making! Here is a video of the 3D printer in action:

Click on the photo to see the video


Still photo of the 3D printer

As you can see, we made a 3D snowflake. It is 5 cm. wide and 1 cm. tall. It took 19 minutes to make.

This is the snowflake with some of the backing remaining


The finished product!

Congratulations to the Miscoe MakerCrew for a successful first! Gathered around our MakerBot 3D printer are (l to r): Andrew Murphy, Reem Harrati, Hannah Snow, Riley Bryant, Ben Rodman, Owen Brigham, Skye Elliot, Cameron Eugster, Liam Crisfield, Chris Leombruno, and Gianna Weed. Not pictured: teacher facilitators Liz Wernig (Technology) and Alice Gentili (yours truly).

Miscoe MakerCrew

This project was realized through a grant from MakerBot and crowd-sourced through DonorsChoose. To see the back story on the grant and crowd-sourcing for the 3D printer, see this previous post, and this post. The $97 balance was funded through two generous donors: local contractor Roger Boulanger of Boulanger and Sons, and fellow art teacher Laura Guild Mellick. Thank you!

Stay tuned for the further adventures of the Miscoe MakerCrew and our fabulous 3D printer!


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