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August Every Day Drawing Challenge…at the 2/3 Mark!

August 1 (#212): Draw a mirror image App: ArtRage Tool: Watercolor & Colored Pencil - Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror - Khalil Gibran #eddc #everydaydrawingchallenge #digitalart #artrage #ipadart #ipadpainting #mama

August was a month for traveling and making drawings in hotel rooms for the Every Day Drawing Challenge. The first drawing of the month was done during a “Return to your Roots” road trip with my mother as we visited her childhood home and college. It was incredibly nostalgic for her and very sentimental for me, as I had been to these places and visited the same people when I was a child in the company of my seven siblings and my late father.

My mother at her alma mater…

Another trip was to Florida to see some of our grandkids. I found myself again making drawings in the hotel room only with the sound of the ocean in the background this time. The Every Day Drawing Challenge actually felt like a challenge! Although I love to draw and thoroughly enjoy the process, in Florida the challenge was to remember to get the drawing done. Relaxation = no schedules, except for the Every Day Drawing Challenge! One of my favorites, though, is the drawing of the ocean with the soundtrack of the waves crashing. Relaxation also = creativity. A chance for the brain to stretch out a little bit.

Here are the Every Day Drawing Challenges for the month of August – if you click on one of them, you may view all of them as a slideshow:

Now we are back to school and new routines are developing. I am excited to get this year’s classes on board with the Every Day Drawing Challenge. I am looking for a platform where my students and I can all share our drawings online to the same page, folder, etc. This would work on my class Facebook page, but my students are too young for Facebook. Instagram would be ideal because many are on Instagram, but thus far, Instagram does not let you set up a board for multiple users. Please keep me posted if you come across anything that might work.

Here is the task list for the month of September.  Join me please!

Let’s get drawing!
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