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31 Days of the Every Day Matters Challenge!

Day 17: Draw a musical instrument App: ArtRage using metallic oil pastel Kazoo! Although I played the piano for many years and dabbled with the guitar and even the dulcimer(!), kazoos never fail to make me feel joyous...whether in art school long ago or with my son when he was little. I you?

Wow! I cannot believe that 31 days have passed since we started the Every Day Matters Challenge! At first it seemed daunting to commit to a a sketch a day, but now I am in the groove and look forward to it. As part of a 1:1 iPad initiative school, we are using iPads in the art room. To get to know the art applications better, I have challenged myself to make all my drawings on the iPad. So far, I have been experimenting with the following drawing applications: ArtRage, Sketchbook Express, and iDoodle2Lite. Even after 31 drawings, I feel like there is much more to explore in each of these apps. And then there are many more apps to try out!

My students have been drawing, too. Some are posting photos to Instagram and tagging #monalisaliveshere and #everydaymatters in the post. Others are emailing drawings to me. As a matter of fact, I was out to dinner on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago when, “ping”, I received an email on my phone. It was an email from a student sending a photo of the drawing she just finished. That was very exciting!

My students have made drawings in school on their sketchbooks and on the class iPads. Over 275 drawings have been made to date! All of the drawings are being showcased in albums on the Mona Lisa Lives Here Facebook page:

Here are my 31 drawings with descriptions:

The new month starts tomorrow, and I have a whole new list for you:

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