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Flat Clay! What Did You Say?!

I remembered how fun it is to drink out of one’s own handmade ceramic mug first. And then I remembered that I had my after-school Enrichment class, Flat Clay! What Did You Say?! for an extra half hour yesterday. We are making up a cancellation last week because I had to go to a meeting, and we will miss class on election day. Our remaining classes are 1.5 hours long, rather than 1 hour. I thought 1.5 hours was SO much time. But I forgot how challenging making a mug from slabs of clay can be!

The class started with a pretty long demonstration that was followed by many moments of groans, shrieks and “I need help!” Everyone persevered and by the end of our time together had a suitable slab cup/mug/or bowlish type of container. They will be glazed and ready for hot chocolate in a couple of weeks…

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