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Art Teacher Camp

Here we are in the middle of July already! I have been very busy so far this summer. The week after school was over I went to Art Teacher Camp! That’s not really what it is called, it is actually the Art Educators Summer Institute at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. I worked in the art studios all day, had dinner with other art teachers from around the country in the evening, and slept in a dorm (like a college kid) at night.

While there I spent my mornings in the large Mac lab learning some tricks on photoshop. One thing I learned was how to blow up buildings in my art, the other was how to make collages. I made a collage from photos of my trip to Haiti in 2009. It was a great class.

I spent my afternoons in the metal studio, making silver jewelry from sheets of silver, silver wire, and gem stones. I made a ring with a beautiful blue stone called lapis lazuli, and I made a necklace with a stone called banded agate and a small piece of citrine.

The photo below shows both my computer work and my jewelry:

Jewelry and Photoshop work at NHIA

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