Scenes From An Artroom

Published July 17, 2012:

All of the student murals are being painted over at school. I walked in last week and right away came upon one being painted over, so I took this photo with my iPad. It took my breath away. I remember the countless hours spent by so many students as they painted the murals. Somewhere between 300 and 500 students have worked on the murals in the school, and I can pretty much remember every session of painting. Students designed the murals for particular spaces in the building usually around a theme or concept. They were all wonderful and very colorful.

The murals are being erased in order to spruce up the hallways as part of a facelift project that we are lucky to get for our school. We are getting a new roof, new boilers, and new gym windows. These are much needed improvements in our school. Clean, white hallways will go a long way in making the inside of the school look good. [We are ordering large wooden display frames for strategic spots in the school. We will be able to hang student work in a neat, safe, and protected way. We will also be able to change the displays whenever we want to. I will keep you posted when our first displays go up!] <- this hasn’t happened as of September 2020.

To see a series of posts about the many student designed and painted murals formerly at Miscoe Hill school, search Murals in the categories search on the front page of this site.

2 comments on “Scenes From An Artroom

  1. This makes me sad. I remember when this was done at a high school on the eastern shore of MD. A new principal. Marking the territory. Eeesh.

  2. i realy like that wall when it was painted but now is so boring

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