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Sketchbooks and Artsonia

Here it is Friday already and as I look back on the week I think two things: 1. busy 2. hot 


We began the week by making sketchbooks with 23″ x 35″ text paper and 15.5″ x 11.5″ cover stock. Students painted their covers last week using watered-down tempera paint applied with straws (blowing), dripping, splattering, with combs for texture and paper towels for daubing over solid white full-strength tempera applied in a previous class.

Students will use the sketchbooks for daily Creativity Sparks (bellringers), planning projects, and reflection. They responded to the first Creativity Spark over the past two days: If you were not here, doing what you’re doing right now, where would you be and what would you be doing? Although alotted 15 minutes to respond in class, many students need more time, so I will share their work once most students are finished.


Before constructing the sketchbooks, students took photos of their covers with their iPads. Over the past two days they uploaded them to Artsonia and added artist statements. The Abstract Art cover gallery is here.

Students may not have artwork posted for a few reasons:

  1. They missed the class when we made the covers
  2. Their Artsonia account has not yet been authorized by a parent/guardian (contact me at for help)
  3. I sent the work back to her/him to be edited (all work has to be approved by me before it is posted)

Here is a video of the process for uploading to Artsonia, which I made really easily with the new screen casting option on iPads with the ios 11 update:

If they had created a Digital Dot on the iPad (an extension to the augmented reality Dot) students uploaded those to Artsonia as well. The Digital Dot gallery is here.

I also enrolled myself as a student in Artsonia so I could see what parents/guardians receive when authorizing and after artwork is published. These are screenshots of what to expect (substitute your child’s first name for MrsGentili):

Developed by art teachers for art teachers, Artsonia is very secure and concerned with student privacy. That’s a good thing!

Here is a photo of one side of the room showing me their screens so I can make sure we are all ready for the next step of instruction on how to upload to Artsonia:

Next up in the 5/6 art room? Clay! Stay tuned…





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