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Beat The Heat: Painting With Water

We left the art room carrying buckets of water and brushes with a desire to be outside. Temps were in the high 80’s inside and out and after a full day at school, the Art Club was ready to shake off the heat. So we took our creativity for a walk outdoors. Initially we were simply going to paint on the concrete wall with water.

Grace and Amanda paint their favorite things

But then the creativity kicked in: What if you paint the significant characteristics of a creature or object, just enough to be able to identify it? And you left just enough room to jump in and personify it?

Queen Emmerson
Or is it Emmerson the butterfly?
Sam the fire-breathing dragon
Allison the butterfly
Jessica shouting “No!”
Art is always on my mind

How cool is that? Just another fun way to beat the heat as the school year winds down…

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