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Sweet Faces, Winter Stuff, & Holes In The Page

Want to look at some art? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Now that my sixth grade students have iPads up and running, they are uploading work using the Artsonia “Class” feature. At this time they have uploaded their Charcoal Selfies and Winter Themed Clay projects. Their art is accompanied by some pretty sweet artist statements – have a look here:

The Charcoal Selfie Gallery on Artsonia

Are you ready for some close ups?

Chet S.
Vaishvi P.
Kaylee L.

We’ve had some fun making clay figures on a Winter Theme and uploading them to this gallery:

Winter Clay things

There were lots of snowmen and some “not-snowmen”:

Triangle tree tableau…
Hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies

Sixth grade students have also been working on their Hole in the Page drawings.Once finished, they made videos with their iPad cameras and uploaded them to this Padlet wall.

Padlet wall of videos

Go to the wall and click on the ideas to play them. Here is a sneak peek at some of the “under images”:

Shayne’s truck
Ryan’s peacock feather
Zach’s dragon

While all of this was going on, my fifth grade students were busy with their Colored Pencil Selfies. This is one of my favorite projects because it is encompasses so many learning objectives: light, shadow, form, contour, proportion, shading, blending, creating skin tones, drawing from observation, complementary colors, etc. The students did a great job and boy, do their faces look sweet and serious in the Artsonia gallery here:

Sweet faces in the Colored Pencil Selfie gallery

And some closeups:


My fifth grade students and I are looking forward to the day when they receive their iPads. I have lots of projects planned and I can’t wait to reading their artist statements on Artsonia. Meanwhile, we keep working on other things knowing they will be here eventually.

Remember, Artsonia offers many items for sale with your child’s artwork on them They ask that you order by December 11th to receive your order by Dec 25. Happy shopping!

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