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More Than Just A Buncha Dots…

More Than Just A Buncha Dots…

For the next few days we will be joining 500,000 art educators and their students nationwide in celebrating International Dot Day in the 5/6 art room: In his book, The Dot, author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds ( ) encourages us to “make a mark and see where it takes you”.  In my classroom, […]

My Favorite Week of the Year!

  I hope you’re having a great week…I am!

Art Enrichment Classes – Registration Starts Today

Well, it sure feels like fall around here….first of all it’s only 40° outside right now AND Enrichment Program registration starts today! There are many excellent classes being offered this session, including one about the Presidential Election! But that’s not what I’m teaching – I am sticking with Art (my love) and offering the following […]

Prior Knowledge

At the end of every class I check each table to make sure all the supplies are in order for the next class. At one table last week I came upon these two boxes of colored pencils. All of the warm colors were in one box and the cool colors were in the other box, […]

Quote of the Week (2)

Zendoodles We are completing our second week of school today. I see my students every other day, so I have seen most of them 3 times. The first class was almost all introductions to the room, the supplies, the rules, and to me, with the exception of the Prezi slide show that I had made […]

Art and Photo Apps for the iPad

One of my sixth grade students asked what art apps I recommend for the iPad and I promised him I would post a list of my favorites on this blog. I have a lot of favorites, but I find myself drawn more to the photography apps rather than the art apps. I guess I am […]

Where is that Homework?

The times they are a changing…:)