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Art and How it Benefits the Brain

By Grant Eckert Art and How it Benefits the Brain: Many people question the purpose of art. They acknowledge an aesthetic approach but ignore any possible positive benefits of a more practical nature. Contrary to popular belief, art is not purely aesthetic. It is not a product with no possible effects outside of the obvious […]

Time Lapse Camera HD

I’m always looking for photography applications to use with middle school students. I was lucky enough to be part of an iPad Pilot program with our 7th grade last year. It gave me a chance to see first hand what this age group enjoy working with and what quickly turns them off. Some do well […]

Bob Ross Remixed

Here is another mashup from the folks that brought us the terrific Mister Rogers remix…thank you PBS! Bob Ross Remixed

Top Ten List of Favorite Art Inspiration Images…

This is going to be a rather unusual blog post. According to the title, it is a list of my top ten favorite art inspiration images. Which I agree with, but would like to add the qualifier…for now. There will be another that pops up on Facebook or Pinterest or in some magnificent art blog […]

Stop! And take another look…

We were driving along that pastoral stretch of land by Harvey’s house on Friday evening, when we came upon a car parked on the side of the road. We slowed and watched as the driver took pictures of something in the field beside the car. And then I saw it! “Stop! Pull over! There’s a […]

It’s A New Day!

And we have a new Facebook page! If you are on Facebook, please click on this link and “Like” the page…thank you! Mona Lisa Lives Here

Art Trip to Brooklyn

As you know, I love art. I also love summer because I get to go on road trips to look at art…I call them art trips. My most recent art trip was to Brooklyn, NY. Our first stop was at The Art House Co-op to visit the Brooklyn Art Library to see the sketchbooks from […]